Google Juice

This potion has near-mythic properties: mere drops can endow your work with the attention of people who had never met you. Nurture a hidden wellspring and perhaps you will be rewarded with something approaching status with fewer of the hassles tied to the real world. If you work hard enough (because of course you already are blessed with talent) you can get lucky and find an unclaimed stash of Google juice in the office fridge. In that case, help yourself. More likely you will have to grow the tree, harvest the fruit, and make your own.

What is this mercurial substance? Is it hand-crafted ginger ale or radioactive pixie dust? What would you do with it:  share a real-time family archive, reserve your very own space on Speakers’ Corner, or fire the opening salvo of the next media empire? Would you see the world, or save it? Why?

Clinging adamantly to my Introverts’ Society card, I had found Facebook to be a mixed blessing. It was too easy to exchange ideas and reconnect with old friends from the comfort of my laptop. Facebook was like the light in the fridge—I already knew it was on, but I had to open the door to see for myself. All the time. And—oh look—a new status update!

Okay, okay … it was like crack. Happy now?

It’s time to get a life, and try something new. Start with simple goals. Check out those undiscovered countries. Live by my wits. Write fearlessly. Keep trying. Be interesting.


2 thoughts on “Google Juice

  1. Nice! I love the way you put it too. **Live by my wits. Write fearlessly.** And no matter the vehicle, google juice or FB, a nascent speakers corner is emerging in our world of webbed communication.

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